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In issue 11 of Plenty, we covered Freegans, the dumpster divers extraordinaire. We also mentioned some starting points for your own dumpster diving, like DumpsterWorld, along with regifting community at Freecycle, for those who don't wish to engange in a garbage hunt just yet.

Joining their ranks comes, a website dedicated helping people to find needed items for the best price possible—free! FreeMesa hopes to reduce consumption and waste through recycling while also improving the living standards of those in need (and those just needing some free space), stressing the importance of how we should help each other through these regiftings.

Like all website communities dedicated to gifting (and sales in general), they have their mix of average items like corner desks, refrigerators, and clothing, but maybe you actually will want something a bit more unique, like your very own trampoline, dancing hamster, or madagascar hissing cockroaches. Who said only Craigslist has all the fun stuff?


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Another Freecycle alternative is
which currently lists over 580 independent Free Recycling groups from around the world.

The site also contains links to several other free recycling directories and environmental resources.

New groups are added frequently and if there is no group in your area, starting one is easy to do.

Eric Burke

You may also wish to send readers to and for loads of groups who are giving and getting things for free.
No politics or trademarks here, no groups ordered deleted, as you'll see happening in the world.

May want to check out Grist and Biz Week articles on Freecycle before recommending them so much. To me, a man who orders thousands of groups deleted saying he owns a Trademark which is opposed and still pending after a year, is surely not keeping with the mission statement on Freecycle's home page.

Please look into these things.
Many sites online covering this, including who previously touted Freecycle till they realized all the law suits going on.


The reuse community keeps growing. offers Washington State citizens not only a way to reuse and recycle their cast-offs (even those that would be 2 expensive 2 advertise but 2 good 2 throw away) and also gives them Green Directories-for Charities, Businesses, Events (Yard Sales). Along with an online Reuse and Recycling Guide.

The service is also available in Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin; Newton, Massachusetts; Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia, and lots of places in Ontario, Canada.

The company that provides these systems also provides Industrial Waste Exchanges for Calgary, Alberta (, British Columbia ( and the State of Georgia (in progress), with the motto "one company's waste is another company's raw material".

Lots more to come as we build Community Waste Reduction services all over North America.

Recycle ink cartridges and cell phones to benefit pediatric cancer research and the environment. Unique recycling fundraiser for schools, non-profits and churches.

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