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Starting this Sunday, you can be the green jungle queen in organic cotton animal prints... that is, if you survive the stampede. New York City shoppers proved that organic's worth fighting for last week, when they rushed the aisles of  Barneys for the 3-day sale of Target's new organic cotton Loomstate by Rogan Gregory line. The big box emporium partnered with the chichi Manhattan store, to the benefit of both: The fashion press went bananas in the preview, tearing clothes off the racks, and it was chaos in the aisles next morning when the doors opened to the public, resulting in a sellout by midday.

On Sunday, May 18, shoppers nationwide get their turn when Target launches its Loomstate collection. Sheena go early. Leave the car at home and walk, bike or ride the elephant.

More chain store organic bargains: 

If you're more homebody than clothes horse, you'll appreciate Wal-mart's Ecostone 300-count organic cotton sheet sets.

Do the right thing for baby (and the planet) by dressing the little one in Gap's creamy vanilla organic cotton clothing. Wish they made that velour hoodie in adult size!


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