The Eco-Travel Toolkit

Your complete guide to going green when you’re on the go (Additional reporting by Justin Nobel and Alison Sherbach)

By Kate Siber

Ecotourism as we once knew it is dead. The word has been misused, trashed, slapped on anything with a patch of grass and a thatched roof. In its place, a better breed of sustainable travel has emerged. And while the backpacking and bird-watching set may have pioneered the art of low-impact tourism, everyone from rock stars to business travelers to luxury vacationers is now joining the eco-chic jet set.

Concepts like the green urban boutique hotel and European ecotourism have debuted, and at the same time, unique projects linking conservation and indigenous community development are appearing in Southeast Asia and Latin America. We searched the planet for the best hotels, trips, trends, advice, and up-and-coming destinations. Select a section below to begin your journey through the new and improved world of green travel.


Where to Stay
Green Getaways
Up & Coming Destinations
Where NOT to Go
Getting There
Seals of Approval

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