The eco revolution will be televised

Discovery Network launches Planet Green, an all-eco, all the time TV channel

By Roberta Cruger

From Tommy Lee and Tom Bergeron to Adrian Grenier and Leonardo DiCaprio, the stars are aligned with cable television’s new upstart, Planet Green. The 24/7 eco-lifestyle channel from Discovery Communications launches this evening with a number of green-minded news, reality, and talk shows.

Targeted to college students, baby boomers, and new parents seeking to change their ways of living, “Planet Green is committed to broadening awareness about the state of the environment and role each of us can play in securing a brighter future for our planet,” said Eileen O’Neill president and GM to ABC news. The channel takes the place of Discovery’s Home Channel, and with any luck, will inherit its 50 million viewers.

Check out premiere night’s impressive lineup:

Hollywood Green 6 pm

Affiliated with Access Hollywood, Maria Menounos reports on eco-conscious celebrities on and off the green carpet.

Supper Club 7 pm

Dancing with the Stars’ Tom Bergeron hosts an organic dinner party with a hot chef and cool guests, from celebs to pundits and contrarians engaged in green conversation. Between discussions of the latest environmental controversies, learn how to prepare the menu’s eco-friendly recipes.

G Word  7:30 pm

A cheeky daily series hosted by Suchin Pak (of MTV) and Daniel Sieberg (CBS science reporter) with amusing correspondents’ investigating green gadgets, gizmos, news, and notions—everything from manure power to eco sex toys.

Wa$ted!  8 pm

Reduce energy, increase savings, and win bucks. Humorist Annabelle Gurwitch (The Nation columnist and TBS’s Dinner and a Movie host) with handyman/actor Holter Graham audit houses for eco crimes. Exposing trash, drafty windows, and plastic bags, it’s like What Not to Wear for the home, with unique solutions and cash incentives.

Stuff Happens 8:30 pm

Bill Nye (formerly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy) follows the secret life-cycle of everyday things. With a before and after look at consumables, Nye reveals ways to reduce the environmental impact of food, clothes, and packaging.

Mean Green Machines  9 pm

Tahoe hybrid vs. ethanol-burning Silverado. Green vehicles challenge gas-guzzlers—featuring cars, copters, ATVs, and prototypes—comparing performance, agility, speed, and endurance. It’s like NASCAR pitting alt-fuels against the combustible engine.

Renovation Nation  9:30pm

Steve Thomas (This Old House) explores the green building business from Seattle to Florida, touring trends from sugar-corn insulation to a slate roof that doubles as a solar panel.

Alter Eco  10 pm

Adrian Grenier (HBO’s Entourage) paints the town green with his hip “Green Team,” (Boise Thomas, eco-stylish model Angela Lindvall, and Darren Moore). Some of Grenier’s antics include building a compost bin with Spago’s chef, retrofitting an LA hotspot for recycling, or celebrating a weekly batch of cool greening efforts.

And other programs, soon to appear on the channel:

Greensburg: This 13-part series documents the green transformation of Greensburg, Kansas, which was destroyed by a tornado last May. Producer Leonardo DiCaprio helps turn the town into “the sustainable city of the future.” Combining the pathos of residents’ devastating stories with the hope of rebuilding their town, the episodes follow the construction of eco-friendly homes and infrastructure.

Total Wrecklamation: Billed as “recycling on steroids,” demolition diva Jodi Murphy auctions off salvaged treasures to seekers of bathtubs, banisters, and doorknobs from houses headed to landfills. As the “architectural archaeologist” says, “Everyone digs a deal!”

Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee: Locked in a battle of carbon footprints, Metalhead “Toxic Tommy” and hip-hopper “Luda the Polluta” vie for the title of eco friendliest. The high-wattage contest features antics like refueling their tour busses on French fry oil.

Emeril Green: Chef Emeril “Bam!” Lagasse goes local and organic by shopping at Whole Foods markets, where he demonstrates how to cook up healthy meals with the freshest ingredients.

The World’s Greenest Homes: Explore carbon-neutral dwellings from Athens to Aspen. These luxe, eco homes boast residential wind turbines, pressed-mud walls, and groundbreaking luxury.

Greenovate: This interior design makeover show highlights tons of tips on green improvements, from bamboo floors and living roofs to low-VOC paints and chemical-free furnishings.

Also, keep an eye out for a weekly eco newscast hosted by acclaimed reporter Bob Woodruff, and a green game show hosted by funnyman Tom Green.

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