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Little known: Obama on organics. McCain on GMOs. Biden on lithium ion batteries. And, Palin on renewable energy.

By Plenty staff

With only seven weeks before Election Day, it’s time to get ultra clear on the issues and who stands for what. So just in case you’re still fuzzy on some of the details, we’ve assembled a chart outlining where the Democrat and Republican White House candidates weigh in on ten issues important to Plenty readers. From energy and climate to wildlife and food, our Election Issues Index will help you brush up on the choices before the November 4th vote.


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I like the stories and the focus, these are VERY important issues but come on, "CLEAN" Coal? My main criticism is that this survey does not show 3rd party and independent candidates. Lets open the discussion and open the debate! :)

CLEAN Coal..THAT is quite a JOKE! (McCain & Corporate Cronies)
Coal is the cause of all of the Mercury poisoning in ALL of the lakes in the U.S. with mercury..making all fish from them hazardous to eat (esp. children/pregnant Mothers) -NO Thnaks!

Thanks for this site..

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