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Yep. You knew it was coming. There’s been chatter in the tech blogosphere for months—heck, years—now, and it’s finally here—the Kindle. Amazon’s new wireless reading device is convenient, easy to use, and at 10.3 ounces, lighter and thinner than a typical paperback. And its electronic-paper display provides a crystal clear, high-res screen that looks (and reads) like real paper. Here’s how it works. First, you buy it (duh). Then, you shop the Kindle Store online at Amazon and choose from the more than 88,000 books available. Can’t decide? Download and read the first chapters for free. Wireless connectivity and EVDO data let you search, download, and read from anywhere—except that unlike WiFi, you don’t have to find a hotspot and there are no monthly wireless bills to worry about since Amazon absorbs the connectivity costs. You can view newspapers (national and international), blogs, books, word documents, even pictures, all onscreen without wasting paper, time, or excess energy. We’ll admit it: We’re in e-love with this e-reader.  

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wow, super green item you guys got here, have you gave any thought to it? the power source, is it solar? how bout the cooling of servers and energy costs in all this downloading, maybe it transfers via esp?

hmmm, i think i might stick with the library...

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