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The holidays are a time for giving to our most darling and dearest friends and to our fantastic (when not totally intolerable) families. But there are other people, those beyond the faces we find most familiar, who could also use a present or two this holiday season. In Darfur, Sudan, an estimated five hundred people are dying on daily, and another four million are currently reported as starving. And while we can’t all hop on a plane and head across the ocean to help, we can make a simple purchase to aid them in their dire situation. When you buy one of ABC Home & Planet’s Darfur Charms for Change necklaces, the foundation run by ABC Home & Carpet will donate a staggering one hundred percent of the profits from the sale to Help Darfur Now, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for the victims of genocide in Darfur. You can even combine your efforts and give the necklaces to your beloved friends and family—unless they’re in that intolerable stage, that is.

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