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Glass Act


This recycled glass mug reminds us of sea glass, long stretches of beach on the rugged Maine coastline, clear-sky days and blossoming New England sunsets. [Sigh.] It’s awhile until summer, but you can drink your tea, coffee, nog, and hot cocoa out of something eco-cheery in the meantime. These guys hold 10 ounces and are dishwasher safe. Don’t put them in the microwave, though, because while re-poured (recycled) glass is sturdy, it sometimes has air bubbles in it; the air expands when heated and can cause fractures. Buy this mug for yourself or as a New Year’s gift; it’s yours in cobalt blue or light green, and for a pittance—only $3.95. The only downside is that the mugs are made in Spain and have to be shipped to Greenfeet’s distribution center in Northern California before they can be sent to you. We still think they’re a great buy, though, and a good move for the planet.

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