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On the Warpath


There's a part of us all that truly loves summer—the gorgeously warm weather, bountiful numbers of barbeques, picnics in park, lazing around on the beach…and oh, how the list goes on! But there's another part, a slightly softer part, that undeniably dreads this time of year—the sun's harsh rays, the dry-one-day-then-humid-another conditions, the tons of tiny bugs biting your skin…and ugh, how the list goes on! So is it really a surprise that your skin ends up feeling like it's caught in some sort of summertime war zone? Fight this uphill battle with Skincando’s Combat-Ready Balm. Each soothing salve is entirely handmade and created using only the finest organic and wild-crafted ingredients (like coconut oil which helps lock in moisture, cloves to prevent breakouts, and shea butter for softening, soothing, and protecting the skin). Even better you can donate this ever-delightful balm to US troops who are stationed over in Iraq. Looks like this is a winning battle after all.

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