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Tee Minus Six Days


Father’s Day is coming up, so we’ll be devoting this week’s Green Gear posts to gift ideas for the big man in your life. Even if your dad is the definition of mainstream, he’d still appreciate a super-soft, 100 percent organic cotton tee from Alternative Earth. The sustainable apparel company offers a huge range of styles—henleys, short- and long-sleeve tees, hoodies, and more—and is seriously committed to saving the planet one piece of eco clothing at a time. In addition to using recycled materials and low-impact, heavy metal-free dyes, AE also supports conservation efforts through groups like Wildlife Trust and Gulf Restoration Network, a New Orleans-based network focused on preserving the resources of the Gulf Coast. Besides, with such affordable options, you might just find something for yourself while you’re at it.

Send your product ideas to greengear@plentymag.com.

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