Thar She Gets Shot! The Return of Whaling in Iceland

Call me skeptical. The twenty-year era during which Iceland’s whales have been protected from hunters came to an end on Tuesday, when the country’s lawmakers voted to resume commercial whaling in the country, we learned from this Reuter’s article. Considering that Iceland has little market for whale meat—but a booming one for whale watching—this strikes us as a pretty strange move. And apparently, the whales think so, too:

Einar Steinthorsson, director of the Hvalsodin Whale Watching Center said an estimated 90,000 visitors had joined tours to see whales in 2006.

He said minke whales had become less inclined to swim close to tourism boats since scientific whaling resumed in 2003.

"We feel that since they decided to hunt the whales, the whales have been a little more distant.”

We don’t blame them.


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now that is just down right murder. abusive, offensive---how can they slaughter these beautiful, intelligent creatures!! whales have a powerful message---we should listen!! i just cannot fathom this!!

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