Saab Unveils Plug-in Hybrid

Interesting little story here. I saw the Saab BioPower 100 in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, but it wasn't yet a plug-in hybrid. Or was it? It now seems likely that the Saab BioPower 100 concept that I saw in L.A. is the exact same car as the Saab BioPower 100 Hybrid that was 'unveiled' yesterday in Detroit.

So what's going on here? For whatever reason, it looks like Saab, or its parent company GM, decided to keep the fact that the concept was a plug-in under wraps, possibly in order not to overshadow the announcement that GM would be developing a plug-in Saturn Vue.

Anyhow, the Saab BioPower 100 Plug-in Hybrid is an absolutely gorgeous car. It runs on 100 percent ethanol but boosts the performance of the car with electric motors and a rather large lithium ion pack that can be charged either through regenerative breaking, or through a conventional wall outlet.

There's no word on how far or fast the BioPower 100 Hybrid can go on a full charge, but one thing seems self-evident: If this car ever exists, it's gonna be pricey.


This week, Hank Green is reporting for Plenty from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. His trip was underwritten by the General Motors Company, but he is under no obligation to write about GM or any of their products or portray them in any particular light.


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