Lifestyles of the Green and the Famous

We’re going to go ahead and date ourselves and talk about the Eurythmics. We can’t pick a favorite song—who could choose among  “Sweet Dreams,” “Talk to Me Like Lovers Do,” and “Would I Lie to You?”

Given our fond recollections of the band (not to mention a time when neon colors, tube socks, and big hair were all the rage) we were tickled to see Dave Stewart in the news. According to Reuters, Stewart and Greenpeace are helping Hollywood go green:

This new plan goes one step further and calls for Stewart's company, Weapons of Mass Entertainment, to share Los Angeles offices with a Greenpeace branch where they will work together to mix media, art and celebrity with social activism.


The first initiative is already in the works with the April 17 release of a song, "Go Green," that promotes environmental causes and features recording artists such as Lennox, Natalie Imbruglia, Bonnie Raitt and hip hop singer MC Nadirah X.

Other singers are making green waves, too. Wired reports that Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros frontman Perry Ferrell sat down with fans at SXSW for a “fireside chat” and asked them, “How do we save the world?” It doesn’t appear to have been the most thought-provoking conversation ever, but kudos to Ferrell for broaching the subject.

Perhaps this experience will lead Ferrell to start a new, eco-inspired band. Jane’s Green Porno, anyone?


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I'm pretty sure that should be "Sweet Dreams", not sweat dreams.


Thanks to the many folks who pointed out that we misspelled the title "Sweet Dreams." Who am I to disagree?

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