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Birdbath: Neighborhood Green Bakery

In 1990, master chef and eco-entrepreneur Maury Rubin decided to build a bakery with a green conscience, a bakery that would not only use natural, organic, and locally sourced ingredients, but one that would be built green as well—from floors made of wine corks to walls made of sunflower seed husks to tables are made of recycled blue jeans to VOC-free, milk-based paints. City Bakery, in Manhattan, became so wildly popular that Maury has since opened a branch in LA, and two more bakeries (‘Birdbaths’ as he calls them) in Manhattan. Maury’s been described as having a “Willy Wonka gleam” in his eye, and is known for his seasonal menus, Paris-inspired tarts, and famous pretzel croissant. About ten years ago, he put the ‘hot’ back in hot chocolate (starting the trend that would soon hit menus at ‘it’ restaurants all over New York) with an elixir so rich it almost won’t be sipped, and now loyal followers make the trek each year to his Hot Chocolate Festival.

PlentyTV went to visit Maury at his newest Manhattan branch, which raised the curtain just a few weeks ago at 145 7th Avenue and Charles Street, to ask him what it means to build a green bakery.

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